Iphone 15 was officially released by Apple on September 12, US time, or September 13, Vietnam time. Following its previous versions, the iPhone 15 is also equipped with an eSIM – a new solution that is of interest to many customers around the world.

So what’s the difference between eSIM on iPhone 15 and previous versions? How to activate eSIM on iPhone 15? The article below will give you detailed instructions!

1. What is eSIM?

eSIM stands for Embedded SIM, more precisely Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) is an electronic SIM technology integrated on smart mobile devices.< /span>

esim what is gigago

If the physical SIM is tangible, the eSIM is the “invisible” SIM because it is soldered directly onto the device’s motherboard at the time of production. To use eSIM, carriers will download a file containing data that helps activate eSIM and allow users to use that carrier’s network.

eSIM is called “the future of telecommunications” because of the great experiences that this type of SIM brings to users. The most outstanding thing is that you do not need to remove and insert the SIM like a traditional SIM, you just need to switch the eSIM directly on the device, extremely convenient for customers who often have to move between many countries around the world.

In particular, using eSIM you can also keep the original SIM to help connect with relatives, friends or handle work when going abroad by logging into applications. Applications that need Vietnamese phone numbers such as: Zalo, Vietnamese banking app,…

2. Does iPhone 15 have an eSIM?

eSIM was first defined by Google and Apple themselves at the launch event of new products Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL and Iphone XS, Iphone XS Max. Since then, Apple has continuously applied eSIM on later iPhone lines.

Not only the iPhone, Apple also increasingly favors the application of eSIM in its other products.

In particular, in 2022, Apple surprised the whole world by officially disabling physical SIM cards on iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro/Max in the market. North American school. And not unexpected by many people, the iPhone 15 models sold in the North American market also no longer have a physical SIM slot like the iPhone 14. Instead, Apple has completely switched to the new eSIM technology.

Previous speculations about “Will the iPhone 15 eliminate physical sim cards in the European market?” did not happen. The reason is said to be that not all carriers in Europe support eSIM, so using only eSIM on iPhone 15 may cause the device to be disabled with some carriers.

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Countries that will not completely replace physical SIMs with eSIMs include:

Area iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus</td > iPhone 15 Pro</td > iPhone 15 Pro Max</ td>
United States 2 eSim 2 eSim 2 eSim 2 eSim
China, Macau, Hong Kong 2 physical sim cards 2 physical sim cards 2 physical sim cards 2 physical sim cards
Vietnam and the rest of the world</ td> 1 physical sim, 1 eSim 1 physical sim, 1 eSim 1 physical sim, 1 eSim 1 physical sim, 1 eSim

3. Which version of Iphone 15 should I buy?

With the above predictions, which version of iPhone 15 should Vietnamese users buy? Below are some objective reviews of iPhone 15 versions for your reference:

Iphone 15 version with 2 physical SIM

The physical dual SIM version will only be offered in China, Macau and Hong Kong. Therefore, to own an iPhone 15 of one of these two versions, you will have to order it from abroad. This will take quite a while and you will have to spend more time reinstalling than the version specifically for Vietnam.

Iphone 15 version 2 eSIM

iPhone 14 version 2 eSIM received good feedback from customers when Apple launched it in the US market. The largest carriers in the US such as Vodafone, One, Orange, Movistar, T-Mobile,… all provide eSIM packages that allow users to access the internet and use features like regular physical SIM cards.</span >

In Vietnam, currently there are only 3 network operators, Viettel, Vinaphone and MobiFone, that provide the service of transferring physical SIM to electronic SIM, but users are still quite unfamiliar with it. With this eSIM feature, sim transfer is quite difficult for those who are not tech savvy.

Iphone 15 version with 1 eSIM and 1 physical SIM

If you are a Vietnamese consumer, using the 1 eSIM 1 physical SIM version will help you receive the best warranty policy, more conveniently and easily. in replacing old SIM/device. You will also get acquainted with the best technology today – eSIM, which allows you to easily transfer data right on your device if you move to other countries.

Which version of iPhone 15 should I buy? gigago

GIGAGO recommends that you choose iPhone 15 version with 1 eSIM, 1 physical SIM to ensure the most convenience during use both in Vietnam and when you have the opportunity. go abroad.

4. Outstanding benefits when using eSIM

benefits of esim on iphone 15 gigago

Using eSIM on iPhone 15 will bring you many benefits, the most prominent of which are:

  • The eSIM size is very small, taking up very little space in the iPhone 15’s hardware. The eSIM size is only about:
    • Width: 5.0mm
    • Height: 6.0mm
    • Thickness: 0.67mm
  • Removing the physical SIM slot and replacing it with an eSIM helps Apple add more new features to the device while increasing water and dust resistance. for sim because it is soldered directly to the board meaning there are fewer entry points.
  • Using eSIM helps you avoid damage to the SIM even if the phone is dropped and broken
  • eSIM helps increase user security because it cannot be removed from the phone.
  • In particular, when using eSIM you can easily change network operators without having to remove and install a new SIM, extremely suitable for customers who travel frequently. work or travel abroad.
  • eSIM is very easy to install and use, just scan the QR code containing data to install eSIM into the device, eSIM will automatically activate when you meet your home. compatible network at your destination.
  • eSIM helps you stay connected anywhere at any time, even if you change locations often, just need to do a few operations You can transfer the eSIM right on the device.

5. How to install and activate eSIM on iPhone 15

You can activate eSIM on iPhone 15 in 2 simple ways:

  • Set up directly on iPhone 15
  • Set up using eSIM Quick Transfer

Here are detailed instructions for each method:

5.1. Instructions on how to set up directly on iPhone 15

After purchasing eSIM from the carrier, you can directly install eSIM on iPhone 15 as follows:

Step 1: Open iPhone 15 Settings > Mobile > Set up mobile network.

 How to install and activate eSIM on iPhone 15 gigago

Step 2:You scan the QR provided by the network to install eSIM

How to install and activate eSIM on iPhone 15 gigago1

Step 3:Tap the Mobile plan detected notification on the screen > Continue > Add mobile plan.

 How to install and activate eSIM on iPhone 15 gigago 3

Step 4:You provide the confirmation code sent to you by the network operator

If you don’t have a QR code, select Enter details manually > Enter full eSIM information including SM-DP+ Address and Activation Code

Step 5: Select Add plan > Mount eSIM data 

Step 6: Set your eSIM as Default Line > Continue

Step 7: Set your eSIM as Default Cellular Data > Done

Step 8:Turn on Data Roaming and start using eSIM (when arriving at destination)

5.2. Instructions on how to set up using eSIM Quick Transfer

In case you are using a physical SIM and eSIM but want to switch from old iPhone to iPhone 15, you can use the eSIM Quick Transfer feature. Specific steps to use the eSIM Quick Transfer feature are as follows:

Step 1: Go to iPhone 15 Settings > Select Mobile.

Step 2:Select Add eSIM

Step 3:Tap Transfer from nearby iPhone > Select the mobile package you want to transfer > Done

How to install and activate eSIM on iPhone 15 gigago4

Notes when installing eSIM on iPhone 15:

  • When installing eSIM on iPhone 15, you must make sure wifi on the device is connected
  • Normally the eSIM will automatically activate when meeting a compatible network operator 
  • If you use both eSIM and physical SIM at the same time, you should give each SIM a unique name

6. How to convert physical SIM to eSIM

You can switch the physical SIM in your current iPhone to an eSIM before switching to the new iPhone 15. Specifically, you can follow these steps:

Step 1:Open Settings on iPhone 15 > Mobile > Select Convert to eSIM > Select Switch mobile plan.

Step 2:You confirm the mobile package you want to install > Select Convert to eSIM > Follow the instructions.

 How to convert physical SIM to eSIM gigago

Step 3: You tap the notification “Completed setting up your carrier’s mobile plan > The system automatically opens the service provider’s website > You provide some information according to the instructions and finish converting the physical SIM to iPhone 15 eSIM. If you do not see the notification appear, it means that the network operator does not require you to add information, your conversion process has been successful.

When eSIM is successfully installed and activated on iPhone 15, the physical SIM you transferred will be disabled, you just need to remove the physical SIM and restart iPhone can be used as usual.

7. How to turn off/remove eSIM on iPhone 15

If you no longer want to use eSIM on iPhone 15, you can completely turn off/delete this feature with the following steps:

Step 1:Open Settings on iPhone 15 > Select Mobile.
Step 2:Select the eSIM you want to disable/delete > If you want to turn off eSIM, turn the blue switch to Off. If you want to delete it, select Delete eSIM.

 How to turn off/remove eSIM on iPhone 15 gigago

Above are all instructions on how to install and activate eSIM on the latest iPhone 15 updated by GIGAGO, hope it will be useful to you!

If you need to use high-speed travel eSIM, please refer to GIGAGO’s travel eSIM packages – Vietnam’s No. 1 eSIM provider to stay connected at home. more than 200 countries around the world!

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